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  • Adeboye Adedotun

    Digital marketer

    10 years experience 0 projects worked 100.00$/hr


    I am a professional digital marketer whit full experience in this field .

    I can promote and and make your Business, product or services go viral and bring you FLOW OF SALES.


    Best Rrgard,


  • Rita Bossi


    30 years experience 0 projects worked 9.50$/hr

    Since I’m a born and raised italian and have not-so-bad english level (B2) I can proofread your italian texts or translate from english to italian and even from spanish/french to italian (I have lived in Spain for two years). Now I live in Italy but I’ve lived more than 40 years in Switzerland.

    I have a passion for internet marketing and everyday I look for something new, methods and tricks and… all the fantasy in the web I can discover.

    At the moment I look for all these kinds of jobs like quick translations, email handling, Internet research…

    I’ll wait for you!

  • Test User


    3 years experience 1 project worked 3.00$/hr


  • Truong Thanh


    4 years experience 0 projects worked 4.00$/hr


  • Rizwan Aaqil

    WordPress Developer

    7 years experience 0 projects worked 25.00$/hr

    I am a versatile web developer with only one goal – your satisfaction. I am clocked in at 6+ years of professional experience in WordPress, web design, html5/css3, bootstrap, jQuery etc. Not only that, I have the testimonials to prove it. I promise you, I won’t not disappoint.